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Marshward Tension Control Systems
Tension Control Systems

Marshward supply a range of gear, disc, and jaw couplings from the following world’s leading


Tension Control Systems

Marshward supply tension control systems, or tension controllers, from the renowned Italian manufacturing company Re-Spa. We supply the full range of open loop and closed loop tension controllers that you can view by scrolling and clicking below.

Tension control is essential to maintain and control the required web tension and to help avoid the potential of material brakes in any stage of web processing.

And during the past 30 years Re-Spa have been producing tension controllers for applications worldwide. Re-Spa tension controllers are known throughout the industry for their versatility, reliability and efficient performance. Their Microprocessor control is the first system to allow closed loop control of mixed systems using one common control and can be used with “Combiflex” air-cooled disc brakes, “Eaton Airflex” water cooled brakes, electromagnetic powder brakes and DC motors. It's able to control tension of all kinds of material - from the light films and foils up to steel coil-processing.

To find out more about the range of Re-Spa tension control systems available from Marshward, please scroll on each product below and which are summarised as follows:

Antlia Electro-Pneumatic Converter – Serviceable on open and closed-loop systems, this Re-Spa converter achieves the highest tension precision. It comes highly recommended for both its excellent price and performance.

FP.25 Current Regulator for Electromagnetic Powder Brakes - The FP.25 stabilises the regulated torque and ensures the electromagnetic powder brake or clutch is supplied with the correct level of current.

MEGA - A tension controller that controls the Re electromagnetic powder brake and is designed for machines using a dancer roll and magnetic powder brakes. It can also be used with amplified load cells, on rewind or unwind applications, or with pneumatic motors or brakes.

TAURUS - A digital current regulator that can be used in open and closed-loop systems. A boxed version is also available.

T-One - The very latest in tension control technology. The T-One is very easy-to-use and is designed for web tension control in closed-loop systems.

US.3 Sensor - Via an analogue signal it regulates web tension. Its sensor controls web tension in open loop systems, emitting ultrasonic signals toward the reel to capture the data reflected by the material, and calculating the distance from the material. It's ideal for sheeters, bag machines, and roll slitting for paper and plastic.

For technical characteristics for each of the tension controllers, click on the products themselves and find a downloadable document published by Re-Spa.

If you want more information about the tension control systems available from Marshward, either open loop or closed loop, we’ll be happy to advise you. Please call us on (01926) 815480 or email us here: info@marshward.com